Mortgage Lenders

Your mortgage lender can make or break your real estate experience!

Buyers need a lender who will go to bat for them

Communication is key when choosing a lender.

Real estate agents are not permitted by law to receive kickbacks from mortgage bankers. Because of this, you can be confident the information provided on this page is provided with your best interest in mind!

Here are some qualities you should look for in your loan officer:

• Easily accessible throughout the transaction. Doesn’t pass the buck
to another person once you sign the papers.

Prompt to respond to your questions morning or evening.

Knowledgeable as demonstrated by providing a wealth of information.

• Plenty of experience in the mortgage lending process.

• Provides an itemized list of your estimated costs.

• Locally based!

Keller Williams offers a great option for your mortgage financing!

Keller Williams will finance you with an incredible mortgage program!

ZERO loan origination fee
ZERO application fee
ZERO underwriting fee
ZERO processing fee

Contact Matt:
Matt Sheffey
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

*Applies when you work with a KW agent and purchase a property for $150,000 or greater.

Here are some other loan officers I have had the pleasure of working with that I can wholeheartedly recommend:

Don Jarecki
CrossCountry Mortgage
Very knowledgeable, years of experience.

Angela Bonham
Union Home Mortgage
Experienced. Quick to respond!

 Martin Smith
PNC Mortgage
Excellent customer service. May have other options available to you.