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Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or a seasoned homeowner, there are several things you can do to prepare for your next (or first) home purchase, whether it’s your primary home or a second home.

If you are going to be financing your purchase, it’s important that you speak with a mortgage lender well in advance of house-hunting. This will help you eliminate any potential roadblocks to financing. There are things you should not do just before buying a home.

Here are some tips. Also be sure to check out our KW Mortgage Partner found here. He can answer your questions and save you a ton of money on your financing costs!

  • Do not make any major purchases.
  • Do not apply for credit.
  • Do not change jobs.
  • Do not deposit a large sum of gifted money into your bank account.
  • Do not change banks.
  • Do not co-sign on a loan for someone else.

These are just some of the things you should not do if you plan to purchase a home soon. Talk with our KW Mortgage Partner for more tips!

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