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Cleveland Homeowners: It’s time to clean your dryer duct!

When is the last time you really cleaned your dryer? Don’t wait! – it could be a fire about to catch! Dryer fires are more common than you might think.

To clean your dryer duct, follow these steps:

Pull the dryer out, unplug it, and if it’s a gas dryer, turn off the gas valve.

Disconnect the duct located at the back.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to suction around the vent entrance and inside the exhaust duct.

Connect the flexible rods from a dryer duct cleaning kit to a power drill. (These kits are available online.) Join the rods together, ensuring a secure connection. Optionally, use electrical tape for added reinforcement.

Attach the provided rotating brush to the rods and position a power drill near you.

Start the drill, spinning it clockwise at medium power. Slowly move the brush back and forth, extracting lint and debris from the duct. Keep the drill spinning clockwise to prevent disassembly.

Clean up any mess left behind before proceeding. Inspect the exterior vent. If it’s easily accessible near the ground, repeat the process of using the flexible rods and brush from the outside in.

If the vent is difficult to reach, such as being high on a roof or in a multi-story building, cleaning in that area may not be possible.

Don’t wait, it’s important that you do this periodically.